Tax health check services

Scope of work

Our company will provide consulting service saves the enterprise income tax for the year 2015, including:

  • Determine the tax payable in 2015 (22%) tax rate best savings rates.
  • Advise the legal documents needed to save the enterprise income tax.

The content of the service

  • Additional consultation documents to formalize business costs no bills incurred during the year in the framework of the law and have the text reference.
  • Control costs not exceeding 10% of the processing on the other.
  • Profit control according to the plans of the business owner.
  • Control of CIT payable of materials allows to save low tax State budget.

Implementation method

  • Quarterly, Accounting Division must submit financial reports and updated the books to give timely treatment.
  • Detailed reference text for each legal advisory services.
  • The implementation of services that can meet directly, email or telephone when there arises a business.
  • Information security.