Financial statements auditing service

Scope of work

Our company will provide services to audit the financial report  in 2015. The audit was conducted according to the audit standards, the current Vietnam accounting and the rules are widely accepted. The audit was made specifically as follows:

  • Consult and update the new regulations issued by the Ministry of taxes, Accounting Finance, issued for the company during the annual financial.
  • Reviewing the entire vouchers and bookkeeping.
  • Audit and release of financial statements for the year 2015.
  • Establish a management Letter presented all of the problems that the company needs to overcome and solutions.
  • The report was founded by Vietnamese and English.

Auditing planning

The procedures to conduct the financial statements audit will be carried out as follows:

            Step 1: To estimating the Company’s internal control system

The purpose of this step is to improve the understanding about the operating system and others as follows:

  • Obtain the initial understanding of the internal control system, accounting books and documents system as well as the financial statements
  • Determine detailed scope and method of auditing
  • Prepare the detailed audit programs and select appropriate auditors for conducting the audit.

            Step 2: Conducting the final audit

  • Checking legal documents and vouchers related to the accounting records.
  • Checking the purchases of equipment and the construction expenses.
  • Checking the capital contributions. And confirming the balances represented at Balance Sheet by issuing the confirmation letters and physical count.
  • Analyzing major financial ratios related to assets, profit ability and payment abilities. Performing other alternative audit procedures if necessary.

            Step 3: Discussing and preparing the Independent Auditors’ Report

  • Discussing and adjusting entries (if any) with the Board of Management.
  • After that, we will issue the draft of Independent Auditors’ Report that be gave the opinion on the true and fair view of financial statements.
  • Issuing the official the Independent Auditors’ Report after receiving your comments on the draft Auditor’s Report.
  • Issuing the Management Letter mentioned the outstanding matters (if any).