Accounting service

Scope of work

  • Review tax and accounting consulting service for annual tax of the company pursuant to the current tax documents in Vietnam.
  • Always updates to the company’s latest tax policy the tax authority in writing in a timely.

Details of service

No. Scope of work  KTVN responsibility Customer responsibility The expected completion time Fee(USD) Note
1 The original declaration procedure       1.500  
1.1 Meet the local tax administration officials to declare the original information: registration, accounting regime appointed ANCO BOD, Chief Accountant (if available). Make Legal representative to meet 1 time (if needed) 01-02 days 200  
1.2 Payroll wage scale registration with local labor agencies Consulting and implementation of the Declaration form The decision to apply any payroll scale 01-02 months 200  
1.3 Registration social insurance, health insurance Consulting and implementation of the Declaration form Signed labor contracts with employees, determine salary, social insurance, health insurance 01 month 200  
1.4 Reported enough capital in 90 days Declaration Provide proof of capital contribution 01-02 days 100  
1.5 Sign design and printing sales invoice template About the print and perform registration The decision to choose housing in and Bill designs 01-02 months 500  
1.6 Registration code of personal income tax for the VN and foreigners Declaration Providing information in the form 01-02 months 300 <15 people
2 The regular accounting service monthly       1.000/month  
2.1 The monthly VAT declaration Check and Declaration Enter the list of invoices according to KTVN form provided Before the 15th of every month 100  
2.2 Individual income tax declaration every month Check and Declaration Monthly payroll Before the 25th of every month 100  
2.3 Payroll, social insurance, health insurance Calculate Provides salary, Board timekeeping and the number of employees involved social insurance Before the 25th of every month 300 < 15 people
2.4 Declaration social insurance, health insurance Declaration Provides salary and the number of employees involved social insurance Before the 25th of every month 200  
2.5 Bookkeeping + tax declaration (not including inventory accounting-production-cost price calculation) Make Cung cấp và chịu trách nhiệm về tính hợp pháp của chứng từ Before the 25th of every month 150 – 300  
3 The special accounting services          
3.1 Establish the perfect profile of VAT refund Compose and complete tax refund record. Provide the entire original record. 10 days 7% of the amount refundable.  
    Compose, complete records and tax refund directly with the tax authorities. Provide the entire original record. 10 days 11% of the amount refundable.  
3.1 Determine level of raw materials and production methods Advice based on the actual production of the unit Table of norms and the method for calculating the price Một tuần sau khi công ty đi vào sản xuất From 500- to 1000 Depending on the complexity of the production process
3.2 Choose accounting software consulting and editing software to match production and business activities of the company (English-Vietnamese bilingual software, software providers are reputable, professional) Advice based on the actual production of the unit Description of the business activities and the company’s manufacturing process As soon as the company goes into operation Từ 500- đến 1000From 500 to 1000 (not include licensed software fees paid directly to the provider of the software) Depending on the complexity of the production process
3.3 Training fees for 3 accountants Training applied accounting software and accounting procedures have been established Providing qualified personnel and appropriate expertise (graduated in accounting, the minimum qualification is diploma of) From 01-02-depending on the ability of accountant 150/person school at KTVN Office200/person if at the customer’s Office. KTVN program design
3.4 Direct advice in English     When you required 50 USD/hour  
3.5 Send the accoutant to work at the company’s Office 2 days/week       200 USD/month Surcharges


  1. The price of the monthly service fee fixed in 6 months of implementation. This table will be adjusted according to the development of workload and client scale.
  2. Price not including the cost of transportation, specifically the following:
  • In HCM City: free
  • In The neighboring province of Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An: 50 USD/times or actual payment according to the taxi Bill.
  • For monthly accounting services, KTVN will send our staff each month once or twice to collect evidence from the root to perform the bookkeeping.  Accounting work will be done at KTVN, the Office will then send the pay vouchers and reported on to the unit.
  1. execution venues

At the Headquarters Office of your company.