Asset and Property Revaluating services 

Scope of work

The whole property appraisal needs of individuals and businesses, at the same time released the appraisal certificate (in Vietnamese and English).

Enterprise implementation

Investment Consulting and Valuation Amax Co., Ltd (“AMAX”).

Valuation principles

Job valuation of AMAX always comply with the current rules of the law of Vietnam, the principles of valuation standards in Vietnam, by the Ministry of Finance issued or the international valuation standards are recognized by Vietnam.

Affidavits/appraisal reports

Affidavits/appraisal reports are set up according to the model of unity on the basis of the standard TĐGVN 4, best meets the requirements set out in section B of the customer.

The number of affidavits/appraisal reports for you: 02 a.

Free valuation service (package)

According to the attached fee list table. The fees include VAT 10%.