Financial controlling service

The content of the service

Financial planning and control compares the actual implementation

Counsel for the Board of Directors, the Board of the check and put the solution of actual implementation of the plan of revenues-costs, including:

  • Fund salary and wage policy for each Department.
  • Check the plan revenue/cost/profit made in practice.
  • Reporting plan control revenue-expenses for Ceo/Board (periodically).

Analysis, warning and financial solutions

  • The situation of public debt, pay and loan debt.
  • Effective use of fixed assets, tools and instruments. Recommended maintenance situation, or liquidation.
  • Computer capable of generating revenue of each hotel.
  • Periodic reports, for the Ceo/Board.

The Organization of the financial system and financial control tools

  • Compose, edit and enact regulations and bylaws to control for: accounting system/internal control Division.
  • The personnel restructuring of the Finance Department of accounting.
  • Assignment/segment of each Member of the Mission of the Finance Department.
  • Reporting system for each Member for the upper level.
  • Reporting monthly control outstanding problems and solutions.

Advice on tax policy and tax risk warning

  • Corporate Income Tax/value added Tax/tax/contractor personal income tax.
  • Warning and take out the handle measures as prescribed in order to ensure tax savings for your business.

Working method

  • Working time and job content details are built every month.
  • Right to use the information of financial-accounting, time and decide the content of the work of the consultant. To ensure objectivity and information security.
  • implementation of information service is C/C for the Ceo/Board.
  • Responsible for the accuracy, objectivity about the content consultant to Ceo/Board.