Revaluating services

The content of the service

Service providers report reviews the operation of the business. The content of the report reviews activities presented the following:

  • Business Overview
  • General information title situation business activity.
  • Markets, products, customers, and product direction
  • Input Source of business.
  • Important economic contracts.

Analysis, reviews the financial situation of the enterprise

  • Business situation analysis
  • Analyze financial statements.
  • Orientation and financial solutions for the next two years.
  • Tax status
  • CIT
  • PIT
  • Contractor Tax.
  • Tax status of the business.

Legal status

  • The legal system of the industry.
  • The legal status of the business.
  • Enterprise legal risk.
  • Environmental risks.

Development orientation and financial forecasting

  • Development orientation
  • The financial plan for the upcoming year.
  • Projected launch revenue-cost-profit.

Time and methods of implementation

The estimated completion time is 30 working days. The report released by the Vietnamese and English. Done at the request of the owner, or by the default list of KTVN.